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Wallaby Foam Chairs were created for happiness! They are incredibly comfy and fun! What makes them different from other like products is our proprietary shredded foam inside, which is also used for high-end office seating, racing car sport seats, and even custom sleeping pillows. It is not the left over scrap foam that companies discard. This makes our product high in quality with resiliency that will last for years. Combine that with our wonderfully soft and plush chair covers, and you have the most comfortable and relaxing seating product you can casually lounge in or play video games.  So if you’re looking for that perfect lay back chair, just “Jump in and Relax” on a Wallaby!



A High Quality Foam Manufacturer

For over 30 years, TMI Products, Inc. has been recognized as an industry leader in innovation, state-of-the-art product designs, and an uncompromising commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction. We pride ourselves with our ever growing portfolio in design and manufacturing of advanced molded foam solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors including but not limited to Aviation, Automotive, Bedding and Office Furniture.

TMI Products’ headquarters and manufacturing plant is strategically positioned in Southern California, giving us the competitive advantage of a hands-on approach to product design, program launch and ongoing program support. A reason why TMI Products is considered an industry leader within the various sectors we serve.

Through daily TS16949 practices and annual hands-on training, TMI Products has developed a highly evolved best practices based on an extensive history of lessons learned. TMI Products ensures that risk and feasibility are always extensively assessed prior to the development of any products. Once the development process is underway, designs are continually reviewed by highly skilled Engineers to ensure compliance, timely deliverables, and all customer expectations are met and or exceeded


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